Important Metrics

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Grainger at a Glance

Grainger works to create unique value for customers, regardless of size, and ensure an effortless experience along the way. The result: customers get what they need, when they need it, which means less time spent looking for and ordering products, and more time spent on the task at hand. After 90 years of serving customers, Grainger has seen its fair share of challenges right along with them, and the company has the experience and knowhow of a superior team to serve them best. When a customer comes to Grainger, they know we have them covered, regardless of challenge.

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Operating Responsibly

Grainger is evolving with the marketplace, while continuing to value the same sound business practices that helped shape us 90 years ago. Ethics and integrity define our culture, and we embrace the interests of our stakeholders across the value chain through a detailed set of business policies and procedures.

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Valuing Our People

Grainger’s purpose is to help professionals keep their operations running and their people safe while creating a company where dedicated, talented people can thrive. This commitment comes to life in a number of ways, including our commitment to Workplace Safety, and through our dedication to the people who make Grainger A Place to Thrive.

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Sustaining Our Environment

At Grainger, we are committed to conducting business in an environmentally responsible manner, while working to reduce energy use and minimize waste in our operations. To do so most effectively, we focus on the environmental challenges within the material parts of our business: our operations, our products and our supply chain.

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Serving Our Communities

Grainger’s culture of service extends into the local communities where our team members live and work. Our partnerships, products, and people enable us to provide vital resources to advance the lives of those around us. Our community investments reflect the nature of our business, and our commitments are focused where we make the most of our resources. We focus on disaster preparedness and response, education and workforce development, and local civic and community engagement.

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