Operating Responsibly

Professionalism and integrity are the foundation of Grainger’s culture, and the company
holds itself to the highest standards of corporate governance and business ethics.

Corporate Governance

Grainger believes that corporate governance is an important component of a company’s overall performance. The company’s corporate governance policies are publicly available and designed to strengthen the ability of the Board of Directors to monitor and provide counsel to management, thereby helping to ensure long-term shareholder value. Grainger regularly reviews, evaluates and modifies its corporate governance program to ensure the company exemplifies high ethical standards.

Business Practices

Grainger’s focus on operating responsibly is supported by a detailed set of business policies, procedures and practices. The summary below includes key highlights of Grainger’s commitment to ethical business practices.

Business Conduct Guidelines

Grainger requires all team members and contractors around the world to demonstrate their personal commitment to the company’s high operating standards by annually renewing their responsibility to uphold the Business Conduct Guidelines. Team members also complete training to fully understand the expectation of legal and ethical behaviors defined by the Business Conduct Guidelines.


In conjunction with the Business Conduct Guidelines, Grainger’s Anti-Corruption Policy reinforces that all forms of bribery, corruption and money laundering are unacceptable. Grainger team members in certain roles are required to complete regular Anti-Corruption and Bribery training to reinforce the requirements of this policy.

Ethics Hotline

Grainger engages a third party for anyone (both inside and outside the company) to report ethical concerns or complaints regarding company practices. Those within North America can call a secure, 24-hour hotline at 888-873-3731. A global website is also available at www.tnwgrc.com/grainger. The company takes all reports seriously and does not tolerate retaliation against team members or others for asking questions or voicing legal or ethical concerns in good faith.

Human Rights Principles

Grainger’s Human Rights Principles reflect the company’s philosophy on how it will conduct business on a global basis, including the company’s commitment to providing a safe and fair workplace that upholds and respects international human rights standards.

Gift Policy

Grainger’s Purchasing Professional Policy states the company’s commitment to exercise professional and objective behavior in all business dealings and avoid conflicts of interest. The policy prohibits team members or their family members from accepting gifts from suppliers or prospective suppliers unless the gifts are of purely nominal value (no more than $25). Grainger team members who routinely interact with suppliers and vendors are required to complete training regarding this policy on a regular basis.

Protecting Personal Information

Grainger respects the privacy of its customers, team members and suppliers and takes safeguarding personal information seriously. In 2015, the company introduced an enhanced corporate Privacy Policy to provide team members and contractors updated standards for handling and protecting personally identifiable information. In conjunction with the policy, the company deployed a team member and contractor data privacy training and certification process to further reinforce how to handle and protect personal information and report potential violations of data privacy.

Corporate Social Responsibility Governance

Grainger’s corporate social responsibility efforts are led by a cross-functional working group with oversight by the CEO and the executive leadership team. Periodic updates on the company’s CSR efforts are provided to the Board of Directors.

dmacpherseonAt Grainger, we strive to be responsible stewards. This means operating with integrity and honoring our commitments to our customers, colleagues and communities. By taking a long-term view, we ensure our actions today will generate a positive impact tomorrow. DG MACPHERSON
Chief Operating Officer
Executive Sponsor, CSR Working Group