Sustaining Our Environment

At Grainger, we are committed to conducting business in an environmentally responsible manner, while working to reduce energy use and minimize waste in our operations. To do so most effectively, we focus on the environmental challenges within the material parts of our business: our operations, our products and our supply chain.

Important Metrics

Scope 1 & Scope 2 Emissions with Intensity

Grainger’s intensity metric includes the GHG emissions from operations that were under direct operational control as of 2014, the year our goal was set. This includes Grainger, Inc. in the U.S., Grainger Mexico, and Acklands-Grainger in Canada. Starting in 2015, Grainger improved its calculations to including all business within operational control after 2014. We verified only our U.S. data through a third party in 2011. Therefore our Base Year calculations include estimates for Acklands-Grainger and Grainger Mexico. We calculated these estimates using the average of 2012 and 2013.


DC Network Diversion Rate (Amount of waste diverted from a landfill)


DC Recycling Rate


CDP Supply Chain Supplier Performance (1 & Scope 2 only)