Sustaining Our Environment

At Grainger, we are committed to conducting business in an environmentally responsible manner, while working to reduce energy use and minimize waste in our operations. To do so most effectively, we focus on the environmental challenges within the material parts of our business: our operations, our products and our supply chain.


We work to continuously improve our environmental performance across our value chain from our suppliers through our operations and to our customers. We encourage stewardship in our operations, and seek to share the lessons we have learned with others. We partner with several third party sustainability organizations, such as the CDP (formally known as the Carbon Disclosure Project), the GreenBiz Executive Network, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Smartway program, UL Inc. (formerly Underwriter’s Laboratories, Inc.) and the U.S. Green Building Council to help us align our environmental investments with our stakeholders’ expectations.

Our Operations

We primarily focus our efforts where we can have the most influence. Grainger’s DC account for roughly 38 percent of our operations and will proportionally increase as we expand our service offering. Inherent to this footprint is an opportunity for energy management. We closely monitor our energy consumption and improve our green energy mix by researching sustainable solutions to increase efficiency and utilize renewable energy. When possible, we invest in onsite renewable energy, purchase renewable energy credits and green tariffs.
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Our Products

Grainger provides customers with the products they need to keep their businesses running over the long term. As part of this, we work to understand how these products affect the environment. Our customers have increasingly requested environmentally preferable products and we stock them to improve our service. We currently offer more than 72,000 products that help customers maintain sustainable facilities through efficient energy management, water conservation, waste reduction and air-quality improvement.
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Our Supply Chain

We view our suppliers and vendors as our allies in improving our emissions and waste reduction performance. We rely on a network of third-party carriers to meet our transportation needs, we work with our largest suppliers to innovate and improve our distribution packaging, and collect data and share best practices in sustainability across our value chain by expanding our partnership with the CDP to include suppliers who participate in the CDP Supply Chain Program.
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