Sustaining Our Environment

At Grainger, we are committed to conducting business in an environmentally responsible manner, while working to reduce energy use and minimize waste in our operations. To do so most effectively, we focus on the environmental challenges within the material parts of our business: our operations, our products and our supply chain.


Supply Chain Stewardship

Addressing emissions across our value chain is as significant as addressing them in our own operations. That’s why we’re engaging with suppliers through the CDP Supply Chain survey to create more change than would be possible on our own. In 2016, this partnership helped us engage with our suppliers to learn more about their emissions reduction strategies. We successfully completed our pilot year with responses from more than 80 of our largest vendors. In total, our suppliers’ efforts reduced 76 million metric tons of CO2 resulting in more than $700 million in annual savings for their respective businesses.

CDP Supply Chain Supplier Performance


Grainger relies on a network of third-party carriers for its transportation needs. The company works closely with these providers to continually identify opportunities to maximize efficiency and minimize fuel use. In 2016 Grainger improved container utilization, resulting in an annual reduction of 27.4 CO2 metric tons. Grainger continues to be the only industrial supplier to be recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) as a SmartWay® partner. The program provides a forum for the USEPA and businesses to collaborate in order to improve the environmental efficiency of their supply chains by reducing GHG emissions and air pollution.

FORWARD: What’s Coming in Our 2017 Report

•    Increase CDP supply chain participation
•    North East Distribution Center rooftop solar panel system
•    Expanded data collection for overseas operations in Europe