Our Business

More than 3.5 million customers rely on Grainger for products in categories such as safety, material handling and metalworking, along with services like inventory management and technical support. Grainger offers nearly 1.7 million quality in-stock products, a consultative sales approach, technical and product expertise, a premium digital experience and the ability to get complete orders to customers quickly to help keep their operations running and their people safe.


Our Reach

Our reach is focused on North America, Europe and Asia.

Our Brands

Grainger takes great pride in bringing our customers top quality products. Items that are designated with a Grainger Choice Badge (such as Dayton, Westward and Condor) are part of a broad selection of our private brand products that deliver high quality at a competitive price through Grainger Global Sourcing (GGS), our multi-national sourcing business.

Our Strategy

In the large and fragmented Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) industry, Grainger holds an advantaged position with its supply chain infrastructure, broad in-stock product offering and deep customer relationships. The global MRO market is approximately $570 billion. The most attractive geographies for Grainger are those with high GDP per capita and a developed infrastructure. Consequently, Grainger’s strategy is concentrated on growth in North America, Europe and Asia. Each of these core markets has strong growth characteristics: the market is large and the competition is highly fragmented.

Over the past few years, Grainger has seen a shift in market dynamics across the MRO landscape. As digital solutions are becoming omnipresent, value-added relationships and services drive customer loyalty and analytics are required to prove value. There are a number of ways to go to market in this environment. Grainger competes with two models, the high-touch multichannel model and the endless assortment, or single channel, model (see graphic below). Competing with these two models allows Grainger to leverage its scale and advantaged supply chain to meet the changing needs of its customers. For more detail on Grainger’s strategy visit our FactBook.

Portfolio Performance and Strategic Imperatives (As of December 31, 2017)

About this Report (scope)

While Grainger’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) commitments apply throughout the world, this report is primarily focused on the company’s major operations in the U.S. and Canada. These operations currently represent more than 80 percent of Grainger’s business based on percentage of revenue, scope of operations and number of team members. Where applicable, the specific geography is noted in the relevant footnotes to that data. Since 2011, Grainger has sought third-party validation of its greenhouse gas emissions, energy consumption, waste generation and water consumption data from Bureau Veritas, an independent third party. In addition, Grainger’s Environmental Health and Safety team received validation since 2014 from Environ International Corporation for its safety reporting process. Finally, Grainger receives ongoing verification of its environmentally preferable SKU designation from UL, Inc. (formerly Underwriter’s Labs).