Grainger Hosts First Sustainable Packaging Summit


Minimizing packaging waste while maximizing packaging effectiveness is a challenge that requires innovation, expertise, and collaboration across an entire supply chain. To help advance this dialogue in the industrial distribution industry, Grainger recently convened a diverse set of industry leaders and supplier partners for its first Sustainable Packaging Summit.

One of the featured presenters at the summit was GreenBlue, a non-profit company that equips businesses with the resources to make products more sustainable. Danielle Peacock, a Project Manager at GreenBlue, shared some of the innovative ways manufacturers are reducing packaging waste and the importance of making recycling easier and more accessible for all. Danielle also illustrated how while packaging is an integral part of the customer’s buying experience, it is increasingly viewed by those customers as an icon of consumption and waste.

At its core, improving packaging sustainability is about identifying the right balance. While too much packaging can be harmful to the environment, too little packaging might damage the product, which then creates a different kind of waste. During the summit, one of Grainger’s major transportation suppliers outlined how packaging engineers can help identify right size, right fit packaging that uses the minimum amount of material while still protecting the product.

As Grainger works to develop sustainable packaging guidelines for the products it distributes, the company will continue to collaborate with partners up and down the supply chain to identify new ways to help minimize the environmental impact of packaging while reducing damage to the package’s contents. Thanks to everyone who participated in taking this first step forward.


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